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1889 Clarisse 12 oz Candle

1889 Clarisse 12 oz Candle

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Experience the stunning beauty and untamed spirit of the west with our collection of all-natural, soy wax candles. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking wonders of Montana, we are committed to making a positive, yet minimal, impact on our surroundings and preserving its awe-inspiring environment. Each candle is lovingly hand poured in Big Sky, Montana.

PreacherRipe Blackberry, Warm Amber, Black Currant Liqueur, Oud - As an incense filled thurible sways; our preacher fragrance is reminiscent of large sweet berries like thickened wine with resin clotting the pine boards of the church floor. 

TrapperOakmoss, Deep Amber, Cloves, Oud - A strong breath of damp earth and fallen leaves deep in the forest. Reminiscent of days spent in moss-coated woods.

BaronPeppermint and Eucalyptus - A buzz of peppermint and soothing eucalyptus takes a subtle hold on the room. Representing power and influence.

100% soy wax // Phlalate and Paraben-free // 12 ounces // 48 hour burn time

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